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Who we are

Who we are

Bio Instinto Cosméticos

Since the dawn of civilization, there were already reports of the use of substance to cosmetic ends.

However, nowadays, the art of producing cosmetics requires much more than the sheer seek for beauty, it requires specifically the search for well-being.

In order to attend the consumers’ increasing expectations, Bio Instinto has specialized professionals in all industrial and administrative areas.

The company invests in technology, both in factory machinery and in quality control, thus assuring a thorough and effective attendance, before, during and after fabrication.

Each cosmetic product is developed after months of research, and its formulations are previously tested by beauty and aesthetics professionals as well as by medical, dermatological and/or gynecological personel, thus reaching its safety and efficiency.


“To be the most desired brand to our customers, due to the optimal combination of quality and price, enabling clients the best business opportunities, generating profit to both, thanks to its accessible cost to the all social classes.”


“To be the most prestigious delivery sales company in Brazil. By the means of its own entrepreneurship, and through our distributors’ and resellers’, thus having quality products to best satisfy our consumers.”


– Ethics and innovation;
– Enthusiasm and professionalism;
– Confidence and respect;
– Client relations as a priority.

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