The Bio Instinto is Evolving

The word sustainability is very present in our daily lives. If we pay attention, we will certainly hear you employed in the most diverse and varied subjects.

The concept of sustainability can be understood as the maintenance of balance over time. In other words, it is the capacity to be able to supply the current human needs, of the present, without affecting the abilities of future generations to do the same, to supply their own needs.

Sustainability is directly related to the social, economic, environmental and cultural aspects of society as a whole and whose objective is to continue development, where the planet’s resources are maintained, where awareness and the consequent adoption of sustainable actions will provide for medium and long term, the guarantee of a planet with good conditions for the existence and development of the most diverse forms of life, including human life.

With this in mind, Grupo Bio Instinto invests in the most varied forms of sustainability.

We currently have an Effluent Treatment Station where it has treats all material waste from the manufacture of cosmetics so that the water generated from this process is reused for the company’s gardening. And the solid waste is sent to a third company to be transformed into organic fertilizers and can be reused in nature.

Materials such as plastic and cardboard that are damaged as a result of the manufacturing process are stored in a container located inside the company, and destined for recycling. The packaging material, such as glass, is destined for a municipal cooperative to be properly discarded.

We still have an exclusive packaging company, Sopromax, which invests in machinery that makes the packaging material and all waste generated is converted into new raw material for reuse, not being discarded in the environment. The pet packaging material discarded in Bio Instinto again becomes raw material for the manufacture of new weak and new lids.

Bio Instinto has prepared information in its products about the conscious consumption of water, remembering that this resource is essential for the existence of life on earth, therefore it must be well used for our generations to exist.